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The Afri Project

Funding and tracking development finance in Africa


How it works   

Afri Developement Fund
Track for Good

Countdown to the third pilot

The Afri Project has completed the first round of testing its systems and applications at the Skills Development Summit and is lining up for a third pilot at Sustainability Week at the CSIR 5-7 June 2018.

All is still on track for an offical full launch on 21 June. We'll update you here live as things happen!

Second Pilot of the Afri Project

2018/06/05 Sustainability Week - CSIR

The Chance to Leapfrog

Using 4th Industrial Revolution Tech to Catapult Africa Ahead

  1. DAMAGE CAUSED BY GLOBALISATION - The control of the global economy by a few using the money supply, central banks and other financial institutions has left Africa at an undisputed disadvantage.Try it now!
  2. THE IMPACT ON AFRICA - While we can debate the degree to which the motives are sinister, there is little debate about the result and the statistics showing the devastating effects on Africa are eye-watering. Try it now!
  3. CONTROLING THE MONEY- It is this control of currency that determines where the means of production are placed and the societies that enjoy the benefits of these. Try it now!
  4. 4th INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION -We are at a point in history, however, where the 4th industrial revolution has made disruptive technologies available to those previously unable to participate in the global economy without going through the established channels of control.

How it works

Afri are only issued for actual development value delivered.


  Step One

The Afri Development Fund identifies and allocates a pilot grant to a project that is building capacity on the African Continent.

Priority is given to “leapfrog” projects that build skills and capacity related to technology in the 4th industrial revolution. (e.g. Artificial intelligence, biotech, block chain, etc.)


Step Two

These Afri will then enter the market and the recipient can use them to sponsor or purchase other goods and services.

This is done in a very low cost, fast and secure transaction environment using the advanced block chain technology that the Afri project is built on.


Step Three

Unlike money the flow of these Afri will be able to be tracked and the impact they have will enable the Afri Development Fund to assess any multiplier effect from a specific intervention.

Further funds will then be made available based on the impact as assesed by the “Afri Track For Good” algorithm. The recipient is incentivised to invest in projects with a similar objective and “pay it forward”


The Afri Development Fund

Funding and tracking development in Africa.


The Afri Development Fund assists organisations with a track record of leaving a sustainable impact in Africa.

The Fund evaluates applications on the basis of the measurable downstream impact of any intervention which are then tracked using the "track for good" fucntionality and used to inform the awarding of ongoing grants.

If you are running an existing NGO and would like to apply for a grant or funding in Afri please register below.

There are currently several pilot projects underway and the application for pilot projects has closed. New funding is expected to start from the second half of 2018 and all new applications will be evaluated for this round.


Track for Good

Informing funders, responsible corporates and concerned citizens of the actual downstream impact of their spend.

How it tracks

Because the block chain technology that the Afri Project is using has the ability to be tracked, carry extra information and interact with its environment it opens up a world of possibilities to track and report on the impact that a specific investment or intervention is having.

The Track For Good algorithm has been developed for the Afri Project and is dynamically adjusted to ensure reliable reporting on the impact Afri have as they travel through the market.

In its simplest form each wallet or user will have a rating, these are impacted by assessment from the Afri Development Fund, inputs from other wallets, assessment of senior community members and an AI engine.

For example an institution that provides free training in skills that can bring African participants into the 4th industrial revolution will have a high score and an exchange in Dubai suspected of money laundering will have a negative score.

The value of the wallets that receive Afri downstream from an intervention as well as other inputs will credit that intervention with an impact factor.

This impact factor can be further broken down into skills development, environment, governance and other categories as the need to measure specific aspects arises.

Founding Organisations


Government Funding Agency

Azar Bank

Pan-African Digital Bank


Thought Leaders

Media Partners

Read about us here


Afri are only ever issued in return for development value delivered in Africa. Once someone has earned Afri you will be able to buy from them but The Afri Project will not sell Afri and there will be no initial coin offering (ICO)

You will be able to buy and sell Afri on exchanges. The first exchange has started test trading and will be available to the public after the offical launch. 

There is a growing list of suppliers that are willing to take Afri as payment. The list of founding suppliers will be announced at the official launch in June.

At the moment only participants in the pilot projects have been issued wallets, you will be able to get yours on the official launch in June. 

If you're pariticipating in a pilot project you will get an email with easy instructions to get your wallet.

There will be third party wallet suppliers like the exchanges and Azar Bank. These may have extra functionality like the ability to trade between Afri and your local currency or transact with online suppliers.

The reporting of the Track for Good algorithm is limited to a score based on the criteria selected by the user, it does not disclose actual transactions or users.

Yes, you will. You can keep it private or quote it to encourage people to spend with you and improve their rating.

Track for Good ratings will be calculated and smoothed over time. To avoid too much volitilty in the early stages these rating may not be made available to the wallet holder immediately.

There are some pilots approved and the application process for more of these has closed. Once the early bugs are ironed out, new funding will start most likely from May 2018.

Online applications will restart in April 2018, to pre-register please add your contact details here 

Founding Partners

Azar Bank
Africa Block Chain


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